Fashion for Freezing: What to Wear to Spa Cryotherapy Treatments

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Candy, what do you wear when you do Cryotherapy?

Tia K., Listener

Hey Tia and y’all! Today’s episode is our first Style Byte on Life’s a Holladay. These are bite sized episodes where I put my fashion stylist spin on spa treatments, healthy living ideas and workout wear.

Today, I answer Tia’s question and give cryotherapy outfits a seventies “roller girl” vibe on the podcast. What one wears is very important for cryotherapy – you need to cover your extremities, but leave some skin exposed.

As promised, here’s a Style Byte with outfit and accessory ideas for cryotherapy.

Get the skinny on these fun vintage and modern cryotherapy outfit pieces below (we appreciate clicks on the affiliate links below it helps us bring you MORE episodes no cost to you)

Wanna hear the whole cryotherapy story? Listen here. See ya next time!