I Need a Nap: How to Kip for Health & Beauty (No Nap or Sleep Pod Spa Needed)

Just in time for the clocks to fall back, when our sleep is interrupted – we’ve got a virtual spa nap for you. Yes, napping spas are a thing (aka nap bars, nap lounges, nap cafes) and more companies are offering sleep or nap pods and cabins for employees) but since we all don’t have one – let’s create a virtual nap spa at your office.

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We’ve got some tips to help you nap like a pro – excerpted from our interview with visionary & spa founder Nicolas Ronco. Who rejuvenated himself following sleep deprivation on a trip abroad, using naps and reflexology. Including:

  • why we are prehistorically programmed to nap for 20 to 40 mins between noon and 3pm daily
  • achieving the ideal position “zero gravity” when you’re in the office
  • how to create your napping nest with Aromatherapy, music and textiles
  • how a nap can help you be more rested and productive.  
Yelo NYC

Did y’all know Salvador Dali practiced micro naps? He would fall asleep with a key in his hand above a plate, when he reached max slumber and dropped the key, the sound of it hitting the plate would awaken him!

Candy Holladay
How artist and jewelry designer Salvador Dali napped.

Pull up a pillow and blanket, this episode is definitely not driving listening! But hey why not take it along on a plane. Meanwhile, a few spas where you can take a nap to inspire you:

Faire la Sieste nap spa in Paris
Pop & Rest London
Spa Le La Los Angeles, California
mahikamano Tokyo

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