Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The Secret to Your Best Self with Master Chen of Dao House Retreat

“When I read your yi jing, it’s like a prescription for your best life. I can help you understand your unique DNA to show you where you’re lacking and how to be your most successful self.”

Master Chen, Dao House Retreat, Estes Park, Colorado

Have you ever had a really amazing pumpkin pie? Master Chen, a Daoist Priest and owner of Dao House Retreat in Estes Park, Colorado, says that what separates the most successful pies from bland pies is the spice, the love.

But how do you know what your life is missing to keep you from being the yummiest pie possible? Through a Daoist practice called Yi Jing, only taught to Master Chen and his kung fu brother, Master Chen reads your unique DNA code using your birthday to create a roadmap for helping you achieve your spiciest “pie” life!

I was sincerely blessed to visit Master Chen’s Dao House Retreat – where I not only had my Yi Jing read by Master Chen, but relaxed in a cozy cabinlike room. Despite the fact it’s across from Rocky Mountain National Park, I somehow felt like I may be on Mt. Fuji! Nestled in a serene, rocky valley overlooking magnificent mountains.

Listen to our chat to discover this magical way to improve your life. And you can even consult with Master Chen via no matter where in the world you live. See the other ways to connect with and learn from Master Chen and bring a little Dao into your life in the links below.

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