Season 6: What’s Your Spa Story? Transformation Nation!

Here comes Season Six!!! I can’t believe it – this time round we’re focusing on transforming ourselves back to the best we can be by visiting spas around the South. Seriously y’all are not going to believe the “spa-mazing” retreats I’ve discovered here AND. . .

We’d love to feature your spa transformation stories too. Have you ever been on a spa vacation or wellness break that changed you? Any aspect, we’re talking fitness, skin, mindset. . . tell me all about it and we may share your tale and the tips you learned on the show.

Email me here or send me a shout out on twitter or instagram (@CandyHolladay) with the short version, what spa you visited, how it left you shinier and healthier.

If chosen, I’ll be in touch for more. You can remain anonymous if you like or not – your choice and no story or details will be shared without your permission.

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