Spa Along! Electric Cryotherapy at 111Cryo Spa in London: Rejuvenate like Derek Hough & Mandy Moore

Spa Later!

Try Electric Cryotherapy with me at 111Cryo Spa in Harvey Nichols London as I overcome claustrophobia to rejuvenate like an athlete.  Plus, the benefits of cryotherapy, the differences between American and British cryotherapy and the skincare spa twist at 111Cryo.    

Founder 111Cryo and 111Skin

Cryotherapy at a spa in one of my fave stores in the world – followed by a good deal of gawking at the gorgeous fashion in Harvey Nichols! Made even better by the fact that 111Cryo is the ideal spot for cryo newbies like me.

The fab Nick helping me with my headband.

The entire experience feels luxurious, with special touches like your therapist leading you in exercise whilst in the chamber (perf for scaredy cat me) and 111Skin face & body serum for after. Also, the electric chamber which is like a foggy shower (how London right?) is my preferred cryo chamber.

111Skin – Developed to address the rapid aging of astronauts

  1. To emulate the cryotherapy effect when you can’t get to the spa

    Try 111Skin Body Serum all over your body for a cooling restorative skin treat

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