3 Spa at Home Ideas: Hawaiian Style Cooling Summer Skincare Tips and Tricks

Spa Later!

Today we’re making Hawaiian spa inspired snacks & at home spa masks and treatments to cool you off, satisfy your sweet tooth and moisturize your skin. No kidding these popsicles and face and body treats double as serious chill pills! 

Even after last week’s ice pedicure, I’m still burning up!  My parent’s house has an older air conditioner which we need to replace.  So I’ll just be working and suddenly the floor will feel really hot and the rest follows – kinda like a pancake on a griddle (which I’ve been craving lately! uh oh).  

Candy Holladay

But I have a spa secret weapon – I freeze some of my beauty and health products to cool off throughout the day!  Like lotion ice cubes that I just pull out mid afternoon and rub on my arms and legs – they moisturize and are super refreshing.   Not to mention the yum all natural 2 ingredient popsicles I make as an afternoon snack.  

Hawaiian Work at Home Dress find here

If you work in an office that has a mini fridge with freezer, I dare ya to take a few of these into the office and see what your co workers say when you start icing yourself!   

Style buyte:  Y’all are always asking me for what to wear at home,  Well for these hot days, I found some super cute hawaiian beach cover up dresses at the thrift shop and I wear those to work in – so cool and comfy!  Hawaiian spa vacay vibes to my home work time.  Kinda makes me wanna wear a lei and do a hula workout for my exercise breaks!      

Frozen Spa Treats

  1. Lotion and Bath and Shower Cubes!

    Pour body lotion, bath gel, body scrub OR bubble bath into an ice cube tray with small cubes – fill to top. Place in freezer. Remove and enjoy as usual.

  2. Peach Tiki Spa Popsicles

    Pit a peach or two, add 1 cup plain yogurt – puree in blender. Pour into super fun Tovolo Tiki popsicle makers. Freeze & enjoy!

  3. Hair & Skin Primpsicles

    Puree 1/2 cucumber with skin (sliced), 1 small avocado in a blender – add pure aloe vera juice until mixture is cake batter consistency. Freeze in Fred & Friends Easter Island Trays. Massage cubes on hair, scalp, face, body. Let liquid dry and rinse!

See some of my fave products to freeze on our Amazon idea list.

Including Elemis Body Scrub, Archipelago mint lotion and Soap & Glory Breakfast scrub.

If you’ve got any beauty products you want to freeze and have questions – and if you take some lotion cubes into the office – I’d love to hear what ensues!  Join me next week. . . as we try cryotherapy British style.  As always thanks for listening and I hope you have a fun day.   Bye!