Get Cold Feet! Energizing at Home Spa Pedicure Hack Quick Cooling Way to Wake Up On Sweaty Summer Mornings DIY

Spa Later!

This morning, I’ve got a quick DIY spa pedicure (no polish required) that will wake you up fast, have you cucumber cool all day and put a bit of energy in your morning. A fun abbrevieated version of my Fire & Ice Foot Treatment.

Did y’all know that the temperature of your feet can help determine how hot or cold you feel? Who couldn’t use a dose of um “cold feet” during these dog days of summer?

“OMG Y’all My Feet Feel SO ALIVE right now!”

Candy Holladay, Life’s A Holladay podcast

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  • You’ll need:
  • A bowl of warm water (optional)
  • Foot Lotion (I used ME Bath Frangipani body butter)
  • A shallow bowl, baking tray of ice OR
  • Two approx. 16 oz Plastic Beverage Bottles of Pellegrino, Perrier, etc. (Fill with water and freeze overnight or keep them in your Beauty Freezer (see mine below!)

If y’all have time, soak your feet in warm water for as long as you like (you lucky devil! I just can’t get up early enough to do the warm part in the morning). Use a foot scrub before or why not body brush your feet? Pretty sandal feet ahead!

But the audio launches right into the “ice” part.

Find Pellegrino here
The Lotion I Used – LOVE Me Bath! Find it here

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Or you can watch the pedicure on here our youtube channel!

Want more summer cooling spa and beauty? Check out my frozen spa time video below!

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