California Spa Dreaming! Cool off with a Luxe Body Treat at Four Seasons Westlake #ChristmasInJuly

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You are going to have the California Dream signature body treatment at the Four Seasons Westlake Village Spa with me! And I’ve got a few spa at home DIY s for you. So let’s relax and say goodbye to dried up summer skin.

I’m trying to not feel like a pancake on the griddle, by reminiscing about a  cool spa treatment I had at Christmas!   Anyone else burning up on this steamy August day?  Or maybe your skin’s looking a bit parched?   

Spa Suite at Four Seasons Westlake Village

If so, grab a glass of mint water, pull up a lounge chair, put on your robe and go back in spa time with me to the Four Seasons Westlake Village where we’re um, dreaming! about a luxe spa treat that had me saying see ya later alligator to my downright reptilian looking legs, ew! 

The glorious gardens!

Spa trips are one of my secret weapons to combat negativity, so thinking about a holiday spa sojourn is one surefire way to forget about the steam heat and chill out.

Plus it’s an inspiration to plan this year’s seasonal spa-cation – episode on how to plan your own coming soon – join our studio audience for the skinny!


At Home DIY California Dream Body Wrap!

California Dreamin’
  • (my product picks below)
  • Scrub your body with a nut based exfoliating cream in the shower and rinse.
  • Dry off, and rub a mint clay mask over arms, legs and stomach.
  • Wrap yourself in a foil blanket (add on: Wrap an old sheet around the foil blanket) And relax for 20 minutes.
  • Shower off those scales to suppler skin and be energized by the refreshing minty aromas.
  • Apply stem cell lotion. (Alternative, add stem cell concentrate into your fave body lotion & apply)
Watch my whole day here!
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