New Season of Spa Brunch & New Home! Plus App Happy. Show #SB301


Listen to the show with the player above!  You can listen right here, open a new window or download for mobile relaxation!   We’re so excited to start this new season with you!  Show Length: Approx 10 minutes

Show notes:

On this episode, we announce our new home here on  We’re having a virtual housewarming for ourselves by re-broadcasting polished up versions of our past shows including the famous Golden Door week!

– I talked about how I spa-ahed up my computer by cleaning it out and finding some killer apps for productivity, focus and fun.  Less chaotic computer equals calmer work day!  The apps I found were:

Wunderlist – a simple, easy way to make all kinds of lists keeping to dos, buys, to read, anything all in one place

Screen Float – keep a window on top for reference, reminders and more

Alfred – Lets you open apps without having to go dig for them

Photo Bulk – Helps you delete all those dup photos I saved gigs of space by doing this

Priority Matrix – for organizing my projects by most important task!  Combined w/Wunderlist no stopping me on this one!

Paper Fish – fun paper fish swim on your screen for boosting energy and lessening computer fatigue

Please list your favorite apps in the comments!

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See you down in spa town!