Hi Blogtalk Fans & Newbies!

We are proud to offer you a virtual spa vacay on Spa Brunch.com our own bright and shiny new feed.  Not that we didn’t love Blogtalk radio.  But, we are expanding our wings so quickly that we needed our own nest!

We’re so excited you’ve decided to kick back with what’s been dubbed “The World’s Most Pampering Podcast”! And we’re blushing at the kudos from a listener on itunes:

iTunes - Podcasts - Art of the Spa_s Spa Brunch | Blog Talk Radio Feed by Art of the Spa Lifestyle Radio

Coming up, we’re going to be rebroadcasting our Blogtalk shows here in the next few weeks.  And if there are any spas you’d love to see us cover or topics you want to know more about let us know in the comments or email spawithcandy@spabrunch.com.

So stay tuned and See you soon!
Remember to yourself be kind and always take a moment to unwind!   Candy