Open the Golden Door to Your Perfect Day!

Today I’m taking you back in time to the Golden Door spa trip and a mindfulness lesson that inspired a philosophy we can all wake up to.  And I’m including unreleased recordings of my arrival.

Super excited about new show launch it’s called Style Buy-tes it’s like a little fashion snack for your ears.  And the coolest thing is that you can shop right in the show notes – I always find more than I can keep.   I forgot how much work it is to launch a new show!  And I started thinking OMG I wish I could go back to the Golden Door Spa to rejuvenate, so I then started listening to my recordings I broadcast during my stay. 

And as I listened to myself transition from reality into this magical world, it hit me. . .   (ton of bricks sound) Waking Up is like walking through your own Golden Door everyday. 

Think about it, you’re leaving a day a night behind future days and nights aren’t here yet. . . but when you open your eyes it’s a new world that you can do whatever you want with!!!   So I hope y’all don’t mind, but I’m going to play some of that audio for you and let you transition with me – and as you listen think about leaving stress behind every day and starting fresh daily!  

The Golden Doors via

The power of ritual (what we’re doing with our mornings here) at the Golden Door helps you focus on what counts!

Leaving you with the golden door’s mindfulness meditation and

remember every moment you have is special

Candy Holladay

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