Let’s Spa Through the Coronavirus & Style Holladay Facebook Live

“We need spa magic in our lives now more than ever!”

Candy Holladay, Life’s a Holladay podcast

What happened to our shopping and travel show? Where are we now? How are y’all doing through the stay home orders? Find out in the show!

Why we Have to Spa at Home

First, I want to say how everyday I feel scared. Yes I am. Who knows how long this will last? What will happen next? Our world has now changed, and it’s terrifying!

But, guess what, we have a choice whether to let that fear immobilize us or to create a new and exciting life, using what we have and our circumstances. We can do it and I know we are all going to come out of this better and closer as a world – and that trollops fear!

So that’s why we decided to play spa with you live on our facebook page (near daily).

Visit http://www.facebook.com/artofthespa to watch livestreams daily

Style Holladay Livestreams

What do you do when your travel meets QVC style show suddenly is shipwrecked? Make it something that brings the fun to you so we can virtually all spa along at home! Watch for:

Mondays: Merry #MondayMotivation, Holiday Inspired Wellness

Tuesdays: #TravelTuesdays – Spa Road Trips

Wednesdays: #WellnessWednesdays Surprise Workouts, Healthy recipes

Thursdays: #Spy Edition, Spa, Fashion & Cat Fun Curated from the Web

Fridays: #FashionFriday What I wore this week at Home and Fashion Experiments & Online Shopping

Saturday: #SpaCat #Caturday Healthy Living Ideas from Felines

Sunday: #SpaSunday DIY Spa Along Treatments With Me

Yesterday’s Livestream

Miss a livestream? Don’t have time to watch? No worries, babe. We’ll be broadcasting the audio right here.


The Spa Retreat Mindset

Don’t forget we’re launching our Spa at Home class soon and it’s free til the end of June. Subscribe if you’d like an email when it launches.

Spa later, Candy

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