Golden Door Spa: Secret Gardens & Meeting Deborah Szekely

Walking the Grounds of the Golden DoorToday I decided to forego many of the activities on my list for meditative things.  And it was a real eye-opener!  I skipped the cool walking meditation (at end you walk the labyrinth and burn a worry with a symbolic sage leaf) and started slow with blueberry pancakes!  (How to’s under the Recipes tab.)

Tune in to see what made tears flow, take a self guided walk with me through the Golden Door’s own Secret Garden with authentic Japanese art,  sculpture, the veggie garden and a symbolic bamboo forest.  Every time a guest has been there ten years (ten times) a new bamboo stalk is planted there are over 400 stalks!

I also found out how trying to be Stretchman in yoga class could be hurting your practice.  Learned I wasn’t exhaling enough and had an inner work private session with Anne Harriet Buck to help me get back my power!

Deborah Szekely via W Magazine

Deborah Szekely via W Magazine

But the highlight was meeting Deborah Szekely founder of the Golden Door.  One of my role models and the reason I became fascinated with spa!  Highlights at:

19:40  her philosophy of wellness

23:24 her in bed her awakening morning routine – DIY just start wiggling your toes, fingers, take a breath and feel blessed and that gratitude.  Next say out loud “good morning” and mean it because it is a good morning an unwritten page to embellish.

 27:00  Deborah’s secret motivation to seizing life 


Spa at Home Hacks:

goldendoorboutique_2210_1093757-2Grow irises around your home herb and veggie gardens – pretty predator repellers!

Take a self-defense class to get my power back

Choose something to plant to commemorate milestones in your life.  It could be as simple as a new herb for every 5 pounds you lose or other goal you’re trying to reach.

Do Deborah’s Awakening Routine above & look at anatomy books to really fully realize the miracle of your body!


Do a walking meditation with your girlfriends – a hike where no one is allowed to talk, just think & after have coffee and talk!

Serve yourself a meal in a Bento Box.

Take lavender eye bags to your yoga class or have them beside you at home.  Put them on your eyes as an indulgence to relaxation pose.

Drink mint tea before bed to help calm and relax you and especially aid digestion. It may even help you lose weight.


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