Golden Door Spa: Chakras & Cuisine


Can it really be half over? Day 4 of my week at The Golden Door had me wondering if maybe I could just move in forever? Today I especially pondered the viddles we were munching – especially when the day ended with a cooking class!

The view from my room's french doors

My room’s back garden view!

Near the end of the episode is a recipe for an amazing chocolate mousse with a super secret ingredient ; )

UnknownBut we kick off with your facebook fan vote: Chakras beat out Nutrition hands down! You did a fab job, our teacher simplified what chakras are, how they effect us, how they can get out of whack and what we can do to get them back in alignment. Hint: It’s about the spine.

AT HOME TIP: For a chakra balancing meditation, envision pulling up ribbons of energy from off the floor.

After Chakra class, it was time for our afternoon snack and I realized that eating on the same schedule every day was keeping me full and happy. If you’d like to be the Door’s schedule at home:

7:30 am Breakfast
10:50 am Juice Break (veggies & potassium broth – it’s good!)
1:00 pm Lunch
3:00 pm Juice Break (fruit, veggies, tea. . . the Vanilla Cinnamon tea was to die for!)
6:30 pm Dinner

Tune in for the delicious details. . .And yes, we always have dessert at the Door


51+dj3948BL._SY300_AT HOME TIP: Have dessert, just eat it in small dishes like a shot glass with small utensils – it keeps you from wolfing it down and enjoying it longer. We had baby spoons to eat it with!

For my fitness, I tried a NIA class with maracas – so fun! The sound gave me energy.

Capped off the day with a cooking class. Fave AT HOME TIPs:

-Make vegetable stock by boiling cheese rinds (my touch, add broccoli for a healthy broccoli cheddar soup)
-Homemade jam: Soak dried fruit in fruit juice (unsweetened) think of all the cool combos!

See ya next time and don’t forget if you’d like to pick up a few goodies to bring a bit of the Golden Door to your days – we’ve got ideas in our Amazon boutique under the Golden Door tab.

Spa wishes, Candy