Golden Door: Day 1 De – Stress, Forget the World

Spa Resorts - Luxury Spa Resort Getaways, Hotel Retreat Vacations - Golden DoorWhat goes on behind the doors of the famed Golden Doors of the Golden Door Spa in Escondido, California where celebrities like Barbara Streisand go to rejuvenate?  Spa Brunch was invited to experience the 7 day program out and revealed all with one live broadcast per day!

In honor of Golden Door’s renovation, we will be presenting one show per week, with DIY ideas for you.  First up, here’s our Arrival, Day One podcast, where we forget the world and assimilate to the Door’s world.  How do you transition from world to home retreat?  Why not try one of our take away ideas?

PS:  Not just a normal spa jaunt, this was a childhood dream coming true. You see, as an overweight teen, I read about “the Door” and lost 50 pounds copying their program at home (the best I could!) Who knew that I would actually experience the real thing one day?

Spa to Home Idea 1:  Upon walking through the Golden Doors, the hostesses received me with a cup of pomegranate tea – why not have a lovely pot of tea awaiting you when you get home?


The Japanese tea cups that we sipped from!

This apple, lemon and pomegranate blend by Teavana is delish!

Spa to Home Idea 2:  My travel weary feet, adored the Sensi sandals provided for each guest.  They have knobs on the soles to invigorate your tootsies, but not too hard they hurt.

Ibiza Sensi Sandals – Foot Fantasy!

Spa to Home Idea 3:  My room at the Door, has shoji doors in the living room and bathroom.  You can get this look with a simple shoji screen very easily.  It’s the ideal guise for one of those ugly bathroom windows too!

Spa to Home Idea 4:  A nightly ritual is scaring away the evil spirits.  We went to the gates and knock on them for good luck – you could try this at home – go knock on your door frame after supper to scare those evil spirits away!

Thought for the day:  Golden Door’s philosophy of being mindful forget the past and the future enjoy the present.