On Par for Spa “Fireworks” at Ojai Valley Inn and Spa

Thanks for hanging with me!  In this episode, I explain why we changed from Spa Brunch to Life’s A Holladay, tell you how I’m staying cool & moisturizing my skin in June and share my fourth of July fix to have a more intimate, fun holiday involving the amazing Ojai Valley Inn and Spa!

If you’d like to see what I wore or are interested in any of the products mentioned, like the Jurlique skin care goodies I chill with (literally!) or the frayed sun hat I sported – visit this episode’s Lookbook to Shop the Show!

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The Nest Spa


The Nest Spa-2


Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

Roosevelt Golf Course (Griffith Park LA)

PGA Golf Course Finder

The Golf Course Locator



Hey Y’all!  It is a gorgeous sunny morning, . . . perfect for our first show as Life’s a Holladay!  The podcast where we try to bring the fun and fab of a holiday home.  As the man said, I’m Candy

Happy belated fourth!. . . Did y’all see any fireworks?  Travel?  We had a blast staying here – and we discovered a fun way to feel like you’re on a vacay even if you stay home on the fourth – inspired by a trip to Ojai Valley Inn & Spa!  More about that in a few . . . but

First, I know you’re probably wondering why we decided to change our name!  Well we didn’t get married or anything like that.   But I went through a lot of stuff and I don’t go to the spa as much as I did.  And as I was going through all this craziness, I realized I still was seeking the fun and the more things that life threw, the more I create ways and find things to make me happy and feel pampered.

Kinda like my secret weapon against stress!  I even did a bit of research and found out that happiness & fun are scientific ways to cope!  WOW!  Don’t worry, we’re still gonna go to spas. . . but we’re going to be doing other fab adventures too.  as Holladay Makers!!!!


One thing that I’ve been loving, trying to cool off in our crazy June heatwave here in California. . . are sheet masks!  I’ve kinda been obsessed with learning about Korean beauty lately and found these Jurlique face masks.  I keep them in the fridge and put them on in the tub.  What’s awesome is they even have a neck and they’re like a soft cotton not paper!   Smell like lavender and I swear my skin looks softer in the morning.  Bonus I scored them at TJ’ Maxx!  If you can’t find them, you can shop the show (another perk I forgot to mention!) on the podcast website – I’ll put a link for you there

If you wanna see more of my June Favorites check them out on our Candy Holladay youtube channel.


But. . . speaking of fun. . . so on the fourth we decided not to get into the crazy traffic and stayed home . . . and my boyfriend and I are like what are we going to do?  Didn’t want to go to a big fireworks display and I remembered a few years ago we went to the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa for the 4th and had the best time!  It was much more of a real old fashioned party than just going to see fireworks at a giant gathering.

Fireworks on the golf course

A great weanie roast with smores


Met loads of nice people

have a spa treatment if you like!

But if you don’t have such a glam spot nearby, do what we did!   Find a golf course & club close to home – there are even directories online which I’ll list in the show notes on the website.   Even if you don’t play, we’re total amateurs – we went to Griffith Park golf course!   We actually went the day before the fourth hung out in the club house, had lunch and did the driving range.

Find a course near you to celebrate next year? Check our links for golf course finders.