Back to Spa School Digital Detox Reduction Plan. . . plus Bee / Wasp Sting Healing Pedicure

Happy Labor Day weekend y’all!  In honor of getting our noses back to the grindstone after Monday, I’m sharing my secret spa sauce for a digital detox and how to rewire your work so you won’t need one in the future – best of all it brings the pleasure back to work.   It’s kinda like Betty Ford for tech!  Our lookbook this week gives you styling ways to implement the plan!

Plus. . . a wasp sting leads me to make a healing version of Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa pedicure that really got rid of the pain and swelling of my sting. . . Yay!!!


Mandarin Oriental Digital Detox Retreat Information

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa Milk and Honey Pedicure

Digital Detox Lookbook

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of The Nest Spa-3