Audio Shopping Haul: Two Bags of Vintage Clothes for > $5 Incl. an Austrian smoking jacket, by the Quarterback Thrifter

Yup, I thrift shopped over 15 cute fashion and jewelry items including Nike, Danskin, Target, Wilson, Natori, Carolee, Ann Taylor Loft,  true vintage and my fave #Handmade for $4.25!  How did I do it?  I just read the signs!  Listen to the Story behind the Swag!

And all because I had to have a decadent coffee from Mayfly Coffee on Signal Mountain, TN – there’s more than just natural beauty up there – there’s a bounty of bargains to boot.  Today we visited St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church Thrift Shop.  

  • You’ll also learn how to style:
  • a vintage man’s blazer
  • the perfect jacket for a morning spring walk
  • what to wear under overalls 
  • my fave vintage pearl costume jeweler
  • a thrifting tip to find looked over fashion

Scroll on down to see what goodies we decided to make available to y’all! Any questions let me know,

Not only can you buy right here, we have a 30 day return policy! xoCandy

  • Also on this episode:

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See you next shopping trip! xoCandy