Spin: ASA – Wind Focus


This week’s spa music song is inspired by last week’s Spa Brunch episode where I reflected in the Golden Door’s Japanese gardens while giving you a virtual tour and met founder Deborah Szekely.  It’s by Japanese recording artist ASA called Wind Focus.  It’s mellow with a touch of electronic funk!  Perfect thinking music, so if you’re in need of some time to ponder or just some mental rehab, you’re in luck.  So kick back with your Sake and enjoy.

asaAsa is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, producer, and performer focused on melodies for hammered dulcimer and piano. A drummer from the start, Asa is a weaver of rhythmic layers, textures, and sounds in both acoustic and electronic realms. Dedicated to music that heals, Asa is deeply invested in manifesting a psycho-spiritual concert experience that connects people in a profound way.

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