Buzz Off UV Rays! Protect Your Skin With This Vintage Hollywood Hypnagogic Bee Embellished Sun Hat – It Will Have You Hallucinating Bees


I’ve just returned from one of my super secret fashion treasure troves, and because this made me gasp when I saw it – I knew y’all would love it too!  So I’m giving you a “one item wonder” mini Style Buy-te.   

“If Katharine Hepburn in African Queen kept bees, this is what she would wear!”

It’s the most unique chic sun hat that has everyone buzzing!   And just in time for the Kentucky Derby!  – listen for the story and every little detail that makes it special – our very own Style Show and Tell.   Plus a few other vintage bee hats I found online in the links below.

This superfun hat from RubyandCordelias shop on Etsy would be a cute Derby Hat! (Click link to see it) But it’s not the one I got!

Here’s the one I got:

Isn’t it amazing?
  • Also on this episode:

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