Wrap Up Brain Fog & Puffiness With A French Styled Morning & Spa Treatment – Holladay Mornings

Today I’m going to transport you to a luxe spa with a DIY therapy that will clear brain fog and silkily your skin – inspired by a therapy done at spas worldwide.    

Last night we started restoring the deck out back, and I’m having trouble focusing, I’m so distracted about everything that needs to be done.  Also, I’ve been thinking a ton about French morning habits because of our Instagram theme Spring Preening, Cleaning and Paris Spa Dreaming.  

Did you ever notice how you never hear about French women doing DIY home improvements? hmmmm they may have something there.  Anyway, One thing that stands out is how they luxuriate in leisure time and that doing “nothing” motivates them to wake up.  

Have you ever woken up and feel like you ate a gigundus marshmallow sundae in your dreams?  Me too!!!!   especially if I’ve indulged in pizza or a salty meal the night before.  A wrap debloats that, can speed up the elimination of those yucky toxins that build up at night.  Plus your skin will look velvety plush for all those spring outfits.  

The Spring Resort and Spa in Desert Hot Springs California has a Morning Glory treatment includes a body wrap with sandalwood & clay.   I love that they use Sandalwood as it helps give you mental focus perfect for those groggy mornings.  

Don’t you just love the Desert rustic modern style of The Spring hot tub? Image via The Spring Resort & Spa website

It’s times like this I wish I were Samantha from Bewitched and twitch my nose and poof – my therapist would appear, but I’ve got a trick up my sleeve for a DIY version.     

DIY Body Wrap

Need (tip: for examples & ideas see our Amazon Idea List  

two Ace bandages or a spa wrap (try ace first then invest in spa wrap which will last longer   

sandalwood clay enriched lotion or clay body/face mask  

sandalwood essential oil if you cannot find a clay mask or lotion with sandalwood

Optional: heatable wrap & Plastic wrap

TIMING:  I like to do this after my body brushing and before breakfast.  See our body brush episode for how tos on that.

-apply lotion or mask to your upper arms or upper thighs 

-wrap with an ace bandage or spa wrap according to product directions   I’m all about the arms right now, as I’m trying to soften my elbows after their winter hibernation

-Do your makeup, hair or relax! for 10 to 15 minutes while the wrap works it’s magic

-option – indulge even more with a heated spa blanket over the wrap – and think about how positive your day is going to be. . .dreamy leisurely wakeup – so francais!

-Remove wrap, rinse or wash off with a cloth and add your fave lotion or serum.


  • Change up the essential oil to suit your mood or day. Need energy? Go for Grapefruit! Need to relax? Try Lavender! Play with it.
  • Add seaweed powder for anti oxidant benefits.

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