Cheeseburgers, Sparkly Strawberries, Chocolate Facials & Aruba! Style Holladay Spy Ep 4

“What do Cheeseburgers in Paradise, Louis Vuitton, Chocolate Facials and Aruba have in common? They’re all helping us power through this crazy time! Check it out this week’s Style Holladay Spy!”

Candy Holladay, Life’s a Holladay podcast

Let’s take a virtual spa vacay to Aruba, complete with beach views, reggae music and a butterfly garden. Then we’ll indulge in a decadent spa facial with Auberge Resorts, dress up in sparkly strawberry jewelry and end with a purrfect bag from a designer who is helping hospital workers!

Watch the livestream replay on facebook. Why not have a spa night at home Aruba style? Links to everyone we mentioned below.

Have y’all heard any of our UK Festive Spa Escapes? Give yourself a stress break with us.


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Spa later, Candy

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