Body Brush Off + KonMari YouTube Fun: Holladay Mornings

Mornin’ Y’all! Body Brushing is a surefire way to say “Good bye Grogginess” in the morning. Yup, it will seriously help you wake up. If you thought you’ve heard it all before, I’ve got some Candyfied, as my friends say ; ) tips to take to take your morning brushing routine to a whole other level – plus the untold truth of body brushing.

I also give the skinny on what’s happening on Candy Holladay youtube – hint: it’s kinda like fashion KonMari but more fun.

Episode Links:

  • Step by step how to body brush + loads of benefits here
  • Fun with aromatherapy oils to upgrade your body brushing here
  • Shopping list and my product picks here

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