Amangiri Spa: Through the Eyes of Adventure Expert Ryan Van Duzer #SB3003

Run time: 20 minutes

Can an adventure loving guy really enjoy going to a spa?  Welp, the verdict is in! And it’s a whopping yes!  Join us as we speak with adventure guru & travel journalist, Ryan Van Duzer who recently returned from Amangiri Resort in Southern Utah.  The trip was part of Men’s Journal Magazine’s “Remote & Refined” a tour of the top destination retreats in the American West.   Be sure to watch his Remote and Refined escapades, including the Amangiri episode, at Men’s Journal.

Our interview on this episode of Spa Brunch not only reveals what Ryan really thinks of spas, but some cool sneak peeks behind the scenes during the filming, like how Ryan and his crew relaxed, what they ate and their favorite parts of the trip. Listen in to find out:

– What worried Ryan in his luxe bathroom

– How many spa treatments Ryan got to indulge in

– Advice for spa wary husbands & guys

– Ryan’s take on couples going to spa

Have questions for Ryan?  You can leave them in the comments section below the images.  Be sure to check out his latest trips on

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See you at the Spa, Candy

Amangiri_11 Via Ferrata guided climb Amangiri_09 Girijaala Suite Amangiri_07 Amangiri_06 Spa entrance Amangiri_04 Amangiri_03 Amangiri_02

Ryan van Duzer's Adventure for Men's Journal at Amangiri Spa

Ryan van Duzer’s Adventure for Men’s Journal at Amangiri Spa