Primpcast: Sunscreen Queen How to Apply Along With Me

Hey Y’all!  What’s a primpcast you’re thinking?  Y’all inspired me by listening to the show while you’re getting ready in the morning – thank you!  Well one morning, as a I was trying to follow a youtube makeup tutorial I thought, wouldn’t this be much easier if I could just listen?

Then aha! moment Primpcast!  It’s our girly get ready time only we get to do it together!  And not just makeup, but all the things we do to face the world with confidence and style (and to kick father time in the teeth when he tries to mess with us)!

Today I’m doing my daily sunscreen application (not my beach application which is heavier) – I have freckles in a few areas & realized I’ve missed these spots.  Follow along so you won’t too.


  • I’m sharing with y’all pampering massage & facial tricks to turn your daily me sunscreen session spa like!
  • And how to add a pretty spf layer when you’re wearing makeup!
  • See how I store products in my Beauty Fridge: July Faves youtube video
  • Heads Up – I didn’t do my stomach in the episode, because I usually only do that when I’m wearing a bikini – during days I’m wearing clothes it rubs off on my clothes.  But do it if you like ; )

The products below are what I use currently, but I’d love to know your faves too – share ’em on our facebook page!

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*PS/Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and no health or medical claims are implied or made herein – these are just things I do protect myself.