Lookbook: Fitness Fashion, Eye Makeup & Orange Decor! Inspo by Golden Door Spa

Welcome to another Lookbook y’all!  This one is inspired by the Golden Door Fitness & Beauty episode.

Tie Dye EyeShadow

One of the most surprising experiences I had there, was the makeup lesson.  I thought that might be a bit too glammy for the Door, but no!  And even more, the makeup artist was just awesome and had the brightest neon yellow eyeshadow which I had been dying to try, but afraid I couldn’t wear.
[clickToTweet tweet=”A neutral base is the key to rocking neon eye shadow every day & not look like a clown!” quote=”A neutral base is the key to rocking neon eye shadow every day & not look like a clown!”]

She gave me a way to rock neon eyeshadow every day . . . first put a base of layer of shadows in a neutral color like browns or grays – using darker versions of the colors in the contour of your eye.  Then lay down the neon shadow over with a regular shadow brush, but don’t blend just get the color over the base to your desired vibrancy or a bit brighter even.  Then take a large brush – like a stippling or blush brush and make cirlcles over your eye with it to blend the neon!  Works like a charm!

I picked a few shadows and brushes for you to play with if you want to try this at home, have fun! (The Givency is my fave but so pricey dang it!)

Strength Training Tools & Togs

I had the most wonderful personal trainer, Nick, assigned to me at the Golden Door.  He was so fab that he even put together a videos of the exercises for me to do at home! (You can see them on our youtube channel here.)

But working out is so much more fun, when you have pretty weights and cute outfits, IMO anyhoo.  If you need some inspiration to get moving try these Tools & Togs!  Look at those pink weight gloves! And the floral prints remind me of a Japanese garden!


Orange You Social?

Did y’all know that in Japan, orange is considered a vibrant, happy and communal color? That’s why the buildings that are pulic spaces at the Golden Door have orange doors!  Coincidentally, my house currently has an orange door – we do like parties here!

Don’t feel like painting a door? But want to bring more social vibes to your digs? Here are some orange home design and decor goodies I’m drooling over right now: