House of Wonders Estate Sale

Treasure Hunt with me at the estate of one of the most fashionable women in Tennessee – she was a buyer for a high end department store back in the day. . . I discover the top milliner from the sixties. . . and the secret to hidden fashion scores at sales.   Listen to the Story behind the Swag!

So excited to bring y’all the launch!! episode of Style Buy-tes! We’re kind of like a shopping snack for your ears. Many of my purchases are inspired by my motivation to live a healthy spa life so you can be sure there’ll be plenty of fashion, fitness and beauty finds and tips.

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First Style Buy-te, an estate sale dubbed The House of Wonders. And a few secrets for scoring clothing at estate sales.

Scroll on down to see what goodies we decided to make available to y’all! Any questions let me know,

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