Bonjour! April’s international fashion & healthy living theme on Life’s A Holladay is in honor of spring rituals and France in spring!  Yup, we’re sporting spa and style a la Paris.  Follow along on our virtual getaway to some of the most luxurious spas in Paris and wardrobe ideas guaranteed to make your mates want a beret! (just don’t wear it in France – tourist! ahem)

On Holladay Mornings, we’ll be doing an episode on French morning ideas to inject a little accent into your ams.

On youtube we’ve got my version of KonMari, CandyMari!

On @CandyHolladay instagram spa dream with my bucket list dream spas & fashion

If you missed March’s Style Holiday, tune in by checking out our instagram feed from March.  Or listen to the podcast wrapup episode in April.  I wonder where our May getaway will be?