I’m Candy

Hey Y’all! Have you ever had a crazy dream that crashed and burned? Only to find that maybe you were just following the wrong one? That’s sort of what happened to me. I start out with this, because I recently had my bubble burst. I had this plan to show everyone how fun & fab healthy living can be when it’s done spa style! (In my past life, I was a spa spy evaluating exotic resorts and retreats.) But the thing is no one understood what spa was – it can mean so many things. . . in Shark Tank terms, it was too high a learning curve.

But there’s this . . . starting when I was a little girl, my mom tells me how our neighbors used to look out their windows every day to see what I was wearing!! Still to this day, I can’t go anywhere without folks commenting and well, ok, drooling over my jewelry, shoes, even phone case! So. . . here’s the plan, we’re going to rock health with fashion, fun and glamour – like we’re on a fab spa holiday!

I hope you enjoy, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but we’ll have a good time sharing it together! What’s your dream journey? Share on Life’s a Holladay facebook page