Hey Y’all! Have you ever had a crazy dream that crashed and  burst your bubble? Only to find you were following the wrong one?  (Raises hand in the air) me! me!   I had this plan to show fun & fab healthy living ideas with spa style! (In my past life, I was a spa spy evaluating exotic retreats.)  IRL though, who can live at a spa? . . . BUT

. . . when I was little our neighbors used to peek out their windows every day to see what I was wearing.  Still, even strangers stop me to drool over my jewelry, shoes, even phone case!  So I became a fashion stylist & vintage clothing curator. . .  THEN

I thought, hey!, let’s combine fashion with spa to create podcasts (Life’s a Holladay) and tv shows (Style Holiday) to bring y’all the healthiest & funnest life – like we’re on a styling spa holiday everyday.  If I can do it, YOU CAN

So let’s have a good time! Be sure to subscribe for our free monthly Stylebook email, where I’ll recap the tips & goodies from the month. I’ll try and score some great deals on my fave beauty, fashion & spa products for y’all too!