Video Spa Workout for Hello Goodbye Arms

Glen Ivy Spa in the 70s!

Glen Ivy Spa in the 70s! via Glen Ivy’s Pinterest

The other day, I caught my arms saying bye when I was saying hi – eek! Imagine my surprise when I found this arm workout without weights from Hoopnotica! I went to one of their workshops at Glen Ivy Spa so I was psyched. And it is a blast! The sparkly arm hoops are way more glam than weights! They look so cute in your home gym too.

Watch this week’s video episode filmed at Holladay House for tips and how to’s, if I can do it so can you! Wanna arm yourself for summer? Or have a friend who does? Why not share the video and have an arm hooping get together! ┬áDon’t forget to subscribe to our Bliss List for more spa workout ideas.