Golden Door Spa Day 3: Gifts, Wow Workouts and Friends

Today was filled with lots of expected and unexpected gifts!  I embarked on a workout whirlwind, trying new and tried and true fitness classes – and even had the luxury of a personal trainer.  But what is more head spinning are the surprises that lurk behind every gorgeous corner of the Door.  Details on the podcast, but here’s a rundown:

1.  Friends – being here is like a luxurious girl scout camp complete with making new friends!

goldendoorskin_2267_138196842.  Turndown Treats – every night I return to my room to find a gift on my pillow!  Tonight it was a Golden Door Lavender Face Mist – relaxing and refreshing.  AT HOME ALERT:  after you make your bed in the morning, leave yourself a little something special for the evening – a face mask or skincare sample;  a piece of exotic fruit;  a magazine you’ve been dying to read;  use your imagination!

3.  Silence Signs – on the morning hike, there are wrist bracelets available that say “I don’t wish to speak” – this way you can hike and enjoy the splendor of the surroundings convo free and guilty free.  AT HOME ALERT:  why not make these for those times, when you’re grumpy or need some quiet time?

4.  10,000 Steps – Did you know it takes this many times of putting one foot in front of the other to maintain health? Get a pedometer and see how many you take a day.

Listen to the podcast to find out what treatment wrapped up our day, the funnest fitness class, and the typically fattening comfort food we had for dinner.  It’s a shocker!

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Til next time Spa Dreams,